Mulch and Soil Council Goals


Goal 1: Promote Guidelines, Standards and Certification
Market competition is good—if it is fair! The MSC has developed an industry consensus on product standards and guidelines and promotes these guidelines to retail buyers, specifiers and consumers of mulch and soil products. Though our standards are voluntary, they are viewed by many state governments and retailers as the primary product guidelines for our industry.

To assist regulators, retailers and consumers in determining what products conform to industry guidelines, the MSC conducts a voluntary product certification program. Products qualifying for certification must pass product and label review, laboratory testing and periodic field inspection in order to use the MSC certification mark on bags.

Goal 2: Promote Ethical Business Practices
Though the Council has no regulatory powers, it has requested state and federal inspectors intervention to help level the playing field when inequities appear in the marketplace. Wherever the association members see an inequity in the marketplace, the association responds by promoting open, fair competition.

Goal 3: Promote Fair and Reasonable Laws and Regulations
MSC speaks with one voice to create or change laws that assure our industry’s right to do business without unfair regulatory burden. As a result, the MSC is the leading advisor to federal and state governments on mulch and soil products.

Goal 4: Provide Industry Education & Training
Annual Membership Meeting

Each year, the MSC sponsors an annual meeting offering owners and key company managers education on important regulatory and business issues for the mulch and soils industry. While combining comfortable surroundings with recreational opportunities, our program is the major business meeting of the year.

Meeting participants meet fellow producers who share their common problems and can offer advice on solutions. In addition to initiating business relationships, it provides education on marketing, product, and regulatory issues.

Goal 5: Promote Industry Growth
The most important aspect of today’s competitive economy is identifying new markets and expanding purchases from existing customers. The MSC understands this fact and channels its efforts to improve business opportunities for its members. A sampling of programs available to members includes:

- Marketing brochures advocating mulch and soil product use, and
- Consumer advisories on mulch and soil product selection

Goal 6: Collect, Coordinate & Disseminate Information
The business environment for the mulch and soil industry has changed dramatically over the years. Regulations on packaging, quality and labeling are being implemented on federal and state levels. The key to remaining ahead of the game is having access to information. The kind of information that makes a difference in how you manage sales and production is provided by the MSC through:

  • MSC New & Notes newsletter: This quarterly publication conveys information on statistical trends, Weights & Measures regulations, product standards, nomenclature, Association committee activities, safety information, and a variety of other topics.

  • Special Reports and Announcements: We can’t control when emergencies happen, but we can react to situations that demand immediate attention. When members’ businesses may be affected by a state’s decision on labeling requirements, a quarantine on shipped products, or increased compliance enforcement with regulations, the MSC issues special industry reports. Rather than taking days or weeks of your valuable time to sort through all the details, the MSC will save you time and money by explaining: what the key issues are, how the issues will affect your business and what you should do about it.

Goal 7: Promote Research and Industry Technology
By tracking new developments and trends, the MSC can offer members insight into market changes and recommendations for processing or other technology shifts. New ideas are regularly explored at annual meetings. The MSC is the best way to keep up to date on new ideas and practices that can benefit your company and its bottom line.

Goal 8: Expand the Council
The more producers the Council represents, the greater our voice for the industry. The MSC is constantly developing new standards and guidelines, influencing government regulations and marketing product quality to retailers and consumers. Your voice should be heard on all these activities, and the MSC is the only vehicle devoted to representing the interests of mulch and soil producers. Isn’t it time your voice was heard?

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