What Is Certification

FellowsMSC Certification is a major step in any manufacturer's customer assurance that its product label is truthful, accurate and that product claims have been verified in an ongoing system of monitoring and evaluation to help users, resellers, regulators  and others identify products that conform to the Voluntary Uniform Product Guidelines for Horticultural Mulches, Growing Media and Landscape Soils (VUPG).

For Consumers: certification means that label claims for packaged products for non-commercial use are reviewed and verified by generally accepted industry criteria or independent research testing and what is ON the bag is what is IN the bag.

For Retailers: certification means the product label has been reviewed for industry compliance, standardized nomenclature and tested for known potential contaminants.

For Regulators: certification is an indication of companies that have willingly submitted their products to label and contents testing as a demonstration of their best efforts to comply with industry regulations.

We hope your company is one that is dedicated to growing the industry through quality products. Please review the enclosed materials and decide if you want to show your customers your commitment to giving them the value they seek.

Certified products must:

  • Conform to proper labeling requirements
  • Pass laboratory testing.
  • Pass greenhouse growth testing (soils) and chemical testing for CCA-treated wood contaminants (mulches)
  • Pass random audit testing in retail markets
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