Why Certify

FellowsThe Mulch & Soil Council (formerly the National Bark & Soil Producers Association) is pleased to announce the first national product certification program for horticultural mulches, soils and horticultural growing media. The purpose of the certification program is to provide retailers and consumers with a means of determining which products conform to industry-accepted labeling and nomenclature — in short, which product labels truthfully describe the product being sold.

There are many reasons for mulch and soil companies to participate in the MSC Product Certification Program. Just a few of these reasons include:

• Product Differentiation: In the commodity market that has developed for mulch and soils, certification is a means for quality manufacturers to set their products apart from poor quality, mislabeled products.

• Product Protection: Retailers and consumers often cannot tell good from poor products simply by appearance. Certification protects your product name from being identified with poor quality products. In environmentally sensitive times where we are all only one headline away from disaster, certification becomes the only hallmark available to identify quality mulches and soils to the buying public.

• Category Protection:
Each certification category indicates a different level of value-added products. Certification helps you identify your value-added product lines and recover your value-added costs.

• Industry Marketing: The MSC has committed to promoting the quality of certified products to retail buyers and the consumer public. Your participation in the certification program identifies your products as preferred mulches and soils for the buying public.

Certification Is For Everybody.

MSC is your best, independent means of demonstrating your commitment to quality production and control. Products must pass stringent screening at the time of application and will be subject to random field testing directly from the market place. To achieve public confidence, the standards must be kept. However, the fact that everyone does not presently meet the standards is exactly why certification will work and participants will prosper.

We hope your company is one that is dedicated to growing the industry through quality products. Please review the enclosed materials and decide if you want to show your customers your commitment to giving them the value they seek.

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