Legislative & Regulatory Tracking Program

You don’t want to be BLINDSIDED BY NEW LAWS OR REGULATIONS that adversely impact your business or your personal life.

You also don’t want to miss the opportunity to SUPPORT PROPOSALS FOR BENEFICIAL LAWS OR REGULATIONS that would help your business or personal life.

THE PROBLEM IS you simply don’t have the time or money to read every bill and monitor every proposal for new regulations in your capitol every year.

If you work or live or have customers in other states, how can you ever hope to track every good or bad proposal for new laws or regulations everywhere?

FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED — MSC is watching out for you.

The object of the MSC legislative and regulatory reporting program is to track legislation and new regulations in the 50 states and provide members with ADVANCED WARNING of bills that can help or hurt your business. State governments can move much faster than Federal legislation, and new developments in a state or region can spread to other states or regions very quickly.

It takes a lot of resources to monitor even your own state and most MSC members don’t operate or sell in just one state. The Mulch & Soil Council Government Relations Program is designed to help members save time and money by cutting through the massive volume of legislative bills and reports and distilling the legalese down to the key points members are concerned about. THEN you can decide if you want to call your state representatives and take action to support or oppose laws that will affect your profitability.


  • MSC has teamed with the LegiCrawler database by the Krantz News Service to monitor every legislative and regulatory proposal in all 50 states.
  • The number of bills and regulations is massive; so, we have created a pool of over 80 keywords to help select legislative and regulatory issues important to mulch & soil producers. Council members are encouraged to propose additional keywords or phrases to help improve our monitoring process.
  • LegiCrawler collects data, identifies items that match our keywords and delivers information to the MSC staff for review.
  • MSC reads every item and creates an INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC SUMMARY for the membership to use in determining which bills or regulatory proposals they wish to track, support or oppose. Each item is sorted into regional lists to keep information manageable.
  • SEPARATE REGIONAL MAPS are posted online to help members track legislative and regulatory items. Just click on the regions of the map where laws and regulations are a concern to your business.
  • MSC’s WEEKLY EMAIL REPORT of new items is sent to all member companies in good standing. Members can also use the region maps to track new items and updates on existing items at any time – 24/7.
  • YOU CHOOSE if you want to call your state representatives and take action to support or oppose laws that will affect your business. Find your state representatives at http://openstates.org
  • THE COUNCIL may also choose to become involved in selected state proposals that might have greater implications for the industry nationwide.

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