2020 Plant Managers Training Course
Weights & Measures

An On-Line Zoom Event
December 15, 2020

Everyone Is Welcomed To Participate!

Course Overview.

For 2021, NIST has scheduled increased training programs using 6 new training modules for state inspectors. Increased training of state officials is likely to trigger increased inspections using the updated test protocols this spring.

Industry knows proper product packaging is necessary to maintain a fair and competitive market; so, now is the time to make sure you know what state inspectors are being told and what you should do in a plant or retail inspection.

Under-filled product packages represent a significant liability to manufacturers resulting in lost profits, state penalties, off-sale orders, disruption of business and lost customers -- YOU CAN EVEN GO TO JAIL.

If your company is not prepared for a major round of state compliance inspections, immediate action is recommended. You must begin updating practices and training of plant personnel immediately because THE MARKET SITUATION WILL SOON CHANGE.

The MSC Weights & Measures training course is the first step in a major, nation-wide campaign to assure package compliance! The MSC is presenting this special course on W&M practices and procedures with emphasis on package requirements, inspection test procedures, test containers and in-plant quality control programs for new plant managers and those who want to refresh their knowledge on this critically important issue.

Who Should Attend

• Every plant manager of a mulch and/or soil packaging plant should attend this program.

• Company owners not familiar with weights and measures regulations should attend.

• MSC members and non-members may participate.

Course Objective

This course will instruct plant owners and managers on the legal requirements for compliance with weights and measures laws, product labeling requirements, inspection procedures, package fill, inventory control for inspections, and common errors made.

A detailed, narrated inspection demonstration of the current mulch and soil test procedures will be shown in accordance with NIST Handbook 133.

Full Meeting Registration

All advance registrations must be accompanied by the appropriate registration fees to reserve a space for the course. Registration fees cover attendance for all education sessions.

Non-Member Participation

Participants from non-member companies are welcome to attend the meeting at the designated registration fee.

Cancellations & Refunds

Requests for cancellation of meeting registration must be received in writing at the MSC office. Cancellations received by December 10, 2020, will be subject to a cancellation fee of 25%, which will be deducted from the refund. No refund will be made for cancellation requests received after December 10, 2020.

Limits of Liability

The planners and sponsors of the MSC Plant Managers Training Course claim no liability for the acts of any supplier to this meeting. In the event of meeting cancellation, the total amount of liability of the planners and sponsors will be limited to a refund of the registration fee. Submission of the registration form acknowledges acceptance of these provisions.

Join the Mulch & Soil Council and Receive an Immediate Discount

Non-members of MSC may join the Council at any time prior to the Course and receive an immediate discount on the registration fee. For information on becoming a member, contact the MSC office at (806) 832-1810

Plant Managers Training Course
Program Schedule

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020
**Times listed are for the EASTERN Time Zone**

10:00am Welcome & Overview

10:10am Introduction & Preview of the Test Protocol – An overview of how inspectors view the industry with an introduction to the volume test procedure. Instructor: David Sefcik, NIST

10:22am Method of Sale – Learn what the traditional method of sale is for mulch and soil products. Instructor: David Sefcik, NIST

10:30am Mulch & Soil Labeling Requirements — New training for state inspectors is focusing on product labeling regulations. Knowing labeling requirements can prevent errors and mistaken "Off Sale" orders. Instructor: David Sefcik, NIST

11:00am Test Equipment – Using the wrong test equipment can give very different results. Learn what equipment is needed to do a proper test.

11:15am The Test Procedure – How do you know if test samples are selected fairly? What is a production lot, test lot and test sample? What are the rules for "alternative" samples? How many bags must be tested? What about compaction? Understanding the proper test procedure is absolutely necessary to know if you are testing your production lots accurately. Knowing the individual steps an inspector must take in the volume measurement procedure is essential to assuring a fair test and avoiding incorrect penalties. Instructor: David Sefcik, NIST

11:50am Evaluation of Results – You must pass BOTH the average fill test and the individual package variation test! Make sure the test results are correct by understanding what is required and how it is calculated. Instructor Instructor: David Sefcik, NIST

12:00pm 90-Minute Program Break

1:30pm The Effects of Product Variability — Causes of Product Variability, Product Characteristics, Avoiding MAV Violations, Setting Target Fill. Instructor: Dr. Bill Fonteno, NC State University, Raleigh, NC

2:15pm Bulk Products — Bulk Load Issues, Product Compaction, Fill Method Verification, Customer Education, Weights & Measures Issues. Instructor: Don Dugger, ScottsMiracle-Gro, Lawrenceville, VA

3:000pm Program Review

3:15pm Course Ends

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