44th Annual Meeting Program


44th Annual Meeting
The Doubletree by Hilton
Orlando, Florida.

October 20 - October 22, 2015

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Tuesday, October 20
2:00-3:30pm                   Standards Committee Meeting
3:45-5:00pm                   Certification Committee Meeting

Wednesday, October 21
8:00am-12:00pm             MSC Board of Directors Meeting

1:00pm              Opening Welcome

1:30pm              The Crow Report                                                                                 
As the presidential elections continue to develop for the 2016 elections, MSC Legislative Representative David Crow will inform members about the various forces at play and what to watch for indicators as the election drama unfolds. Expect a lively presentation to captivate your attention and invoke new thoughts on the American electoral process. Presenter: David Crow, President, DCLRS

2:30pm              Break

3:00pm              New Developments in Packaging Materials
New technology is constantly developing opportunities for manufacturers to create innovative packaging to differentiate their products in the market and better service customers. Our expert will present the latest in packaging materials and new film technology that can better serve your product, process and bottom line. Speaker: Speaker: Julie Rice, PackageInSight, Clemson University.

4:00pm              Break

4:15pm              Annual Membership Business Meeting
The MSC Annual Membership Meeting will bring everyone up to date on the latest activities of the Council and its special committees as well as insights on market and regulatory issues that impact your business. A membership vote on amendments to the MSC Uniform Voluntary Product Guidelines will also be held.

6:00pm              Affiliate Reception & Displays
Join the MSC Affiliate and Associate Members for an evening of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres as they share information on new products and technologies being offered to members. This is a great opportunity to renew friendships and make new acquaintances.

Thursday, October 22
8:00am-9:00am               Choosing The Right Business Software
Company efficiency often dictates profits when dealing effectively with inventory control, production scheduling, manufacturing materials, order taking, delivery scheduling, customer billing and more. Integrating management and control into interlinked data for the very best view of your sales, production and delivery is critical, but understanding how to do that can be overwhelming. Our speaker is an expert in business software consulting and will present information on what options are available and how you can decide what your company wants, needs and can afford in order to make your business as efficient and profitable as possible. Presenter: Speaker: George Trudell, Partner, Ultra Consultants.

9:00am          Break

9:15am           New Materials: Understanding Mycorrhizae Benefits
Incorporating soil organisms in manufactured soils is a new and in- novative way to increase plant health and product profits in growing markets. This presentation covers the science behind mycorrhizal fungi, its’ benefits, delivery forms, germination requirements, stability in distribution channels, State registrations requirements, specific claims that can be made, shelf life and storage requirements and cost vs better fertilizer utilization and plant nutrition. These relatively new and effective materials can help differentiate product offerings significantly increase product quality and profitability. Presenter: Jeff Anderson, Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc.

10:40am            Break

11:00am           Peat Moss Forecast
The future availability of Sphagnum Peat Moss could play an important role in developing new and manufacturing existing products. Are sufficient raw material supplies available to meet market demand? What do future costs look like?  What can we expect in shipping and delivery times and costs? Hear what the CSPMA has to say about the future of peat for the coming season. Presenter: Paul Short, President, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association

12:00pm             Keynote Lunch: Prosperity in the Age of Decline
How do you protect personal and corporate wealth in the current economic environment? Will the stock market decline as predicted? How does the Greek financial collapse impact mulch and soil? Where are we going, how will we get there and what should we do to protect our options? These and other key economic questions will be addressed by our expert presenter and author of the book, “Prosperity in the Age of Decline.” 

Our keynote presenter is one of the country’s most informed economists. Dr. Alan Beaulieu is a principal of ITR Economics where he serves as President. Since 1990, he has been consulting with companies throughout the US, Europe, and Asia on how to forecast, plan and increase their profits based on business cycle trend analysis. Alan is also the Senior Economic Advisor to NAW, Contributing Editor for Industry Week, and the Chief Economist for HARDI.

Alan is co-author, along with his brother Brian, of the book MAKE YOUR MOVE, and has written numerous articles on economic analysis. He makes up to 150 appearances each year, and his keynotes and seminars have helped thousands of business owners and executives capitalize on emerging trends. Prior to joining ITR Economics, Alan was a principal in a steel fabrication company and also in a software development company. Presenter: Dr. Alan Beaulieu, President, ITR Economics

1:30pm              Break

2:00pm              Managing Growing Media Substrates: Dr. Paul Fisher, UFL
Our speaker is a professor and extension specialist in the Environmental Horticulture Department of the University of Florida. He has done extensive research on managing growing media substrates for greenhouse and floriculture use and will share his expertise on techniques to use to best manage substrates from raw materials intake, manufacturing and distribution. Presenter: Dr. Paul Fisher, Environmental Horticulture Dept., University of Florida

3:00pm              Break

3:30pm              How Social Media Can Benefit Your Sales
Social Media has many facets including FaceBook, Twitter, Pintrest, Linkedin and more. Each has an a function and audience in a broad scope of the marketplace. How can social media help your company expand its brand recognition and sales? That is the topic of our investigation into this subject. Presenter: Speaker: Jesse Till, Chatter Buzz Media.

4:45pm              President’s Reception

6:15pm                          Meeting Closes




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