Is Cypress mulch sustainable?

FellowsThe Mulch & Soil Council supports the continuing efforts of the Forest Products Industry to develop and enforce Best Management Practices (BMPs) for loggers and landowners that recognize and promote sustainable forest management.

Currently in Louisiana, cypress forests are growing six times faster than trees are being harvested with 400,000 new cypress trees planted each year and even more naturally regenerated.  Cypress trees are not being cut in areas such as flooded swamps where they will not regrow. 

Most harvested cypress is sold to sawmills.  The by-products from these sawmills are sold to the mulch industry to deal with the disposal of their debris.  If landowners cannot market their waste and by-products for mulch, more waste will be left in the forest as a fire hazard or landowner costs for disposal will increase while overburdening landfills for local government.
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