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To provide an updated industry program to conveniently train plant personnel on key operational issues at minimum cost of time and productivity.

On-Line Presentation:
This program is developed for on-line presentation via Fuze Meeting technology as a recorded webinar. The objective is to provide quality educational training on demand and without the costs and loss of productivity of travel by delivering educational programming directly to plant sites as follows:

  • Each plant location can purchase any program segment for a fee.
  • A broadband Internet connection must be provided by the participating plant site to view the on-screen presentations for individuals or groups.
  • Each site can choose to provide audio speakers and large computer monitors or projection screens to accommodate as many employees as they wish to participate. The number of participants does not increase the site cost for the program; so, the more people
  • Each site is provided an access code to sign-in to the recorded training sessions.
  • With segmented recordings, how many and who view EACH presentation can be determined by the plant site to customize the training for those most in need of each segment’s content.
  • Every plant location that purchases the sessions will have free access to the recordings for 6 months for any additional site education and new employee training.

Courses Offered

MSC In-Plant Training Program, Part 1 of 4
NIST Presentations on Product Labels:
What managers and designers need to know about package labeling laws to avoid fines and product "stop sale" penalties. Instructor: David Sefcik, National Institue of Standards & Technology (NIST), Washington, DC.
Run Time: 1hr: 21m

MSC In-Plant Training Program, Part 2 of 4
NIST Presentations on Weights & Measures:
All about weights & measures laws including: method of sale, average & individual package requirements, sampling plans, test procedures, inspection lots, random & alternative package selection, test container specifications, “off sale” & “removal” orders, criminal & civil penalties, and more. Instructor: David Sefcik, National Institue of Standards & Technology (NIST), Washington, DC
Run Time: 1hr: 31m

MSC In-Plant Training Program, Part 3 of 4
Product Variability:
Causes of Product Variability, Product Characteristics, Avoiding MAV Violations, Setting Target Fill. Instructor: Dr. Bill Fonteno, NC State University, Raleigh, NC

Bulk Products:
Bulk Load Issues, Product Compaction, Fill Method Verification, Customer Education, Weights & Measures Issues. Instructor: Don Dugger, ScottsMiracle-Gro, Lawrenceville, VA
Run Time: 1hr: 24m

MSC In-Plant Training Program, Part 4 of 4
In-Plant Quality Control:
Setting Equipment, Determining Bag Size, Setting Line Speed, Quality Control Testing, Operator Training, Setting Lot Criteria and Lot Numbering, Record Keeping, Plant Inventory Control for Inspections. Instructor: Dr. Bill Fonteno, NC State University, Raleigh, NC

When & Where Things Go Wrong:
How to use test data to identify problems and where to look for solutions. Instructor: Dr. Kathryn Louis, SunGro Horticulture, Bellevue, WA
Run Time: 1hr: 28m

Extraordinary Opportunity & Cost Savings:
The cost for member companies is $99/session or $300 for ALL. The cost includes access to the recordings for 6 months. Complete the form below for each plant site and include the email address at that plant site for distribution of the session link.

Comparison To Conventional Meetings:
Past training courses cost $260/person plus hotel ($150), air fare ($300-$500) and travel time. Total cost is typically $800-$1,000 per person, plus two days time out of the plant. Taking the MSC training program INTO plants using Internet webinar technology is substantially more cost effective for all participants.

Please note:
All content is subject to copyright by the MSC. Access codes are limited to only one site location. Additional sites must purchase sessions separately. Use or duplication of this material without specific permission of the copyright holder is strictly prohibited.

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